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Analysis of Joiners and Leavers


This article looks at different techniques to analyse joiners and leavers using Web Intelligence. Analysing joiners and leavers is where you need to understand the change in membership of a set, for example, products moving in and out of your top 10 sales. If you are able to identify which key products that are dropping in sales you can then adjust your marketing strategy to reverse the trend.

Other scenarios include

  • Customer analytics – customers can be categorise in terms of gold, silver bronze to indicate whether the customer generates high, medium or low revenue. We can then use joining and leaving analysis to identify which customers are moving between these groups
  • HR analytics – analysis of employee turnover or once identifying joiners then analysing this group for diversity metrics, for example, is a campaign to recruit more female members of staff working?
  • Healthcare – analysis of people by age group taking or dropping private healthcare

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This article was published on November 22, 2010 by Al Gulland.